Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Buy My Store!!!

For a limited time and limited amount per store, I am offering a Buy My Store sale.
This comes after many requests. 
Receive all of my newest its (over 250) for the low price of $35.00!!
That is a huge savings!
This excludes Zen Cart Services as well as the retirement items and Crafters License.
Please allow each store owner up to 12 hours to send the coupon, for time differences.
Each coupon that is sent will be unlimited to ensure that you are able to get all items, however the coupon will be good for 1 week only. 
The Buy My Store Offer is happening in ONLY the stores listed below:

If one store is sold out, please check with another on the list. They are all linked, so you can simply click from here. :)
Act fast before they sell out!!


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