Friday, December 19, 2014

To All Those That Know Betsy Ansel aka Scrapworkx (ugh)

Ok so it seems a certain "designer" decided to post something that I had said to her in a message (on my person name have you) on her blog. Yes the message I sent to her was vile and rude and normally I try not to let people like her bother me. HOWEVER, she was taking a post by a friend of mine and completely misconstruing it into something ugly. We never asked what Betsy Ansels religious beliefs where nor do I care. I do care that she took a friend's comment on her bigotry post and turned it ugly when in fact my friend was simply using Merry Christmas as an example. Now, when I tried to rectify and explain that my friend was simply agreeing with her, she decided to attack ME. If anyone has Betsy on their friends list, please feel free to read the bigotry post. Hopefully what I said will still be there, but being as Betsy is a person that likes to name call and remove you if you don't agree with her or her beliefs, then she removes and blocks you. I never once asked what her beliefs are. I could care less. Her beliefs are NONE of my business. But she clearly stated to my friend (BETSY initialized the bringing the scrap community into it) by saying to my friend she was going to buy some items but now she wasn't. That post had NOTHING to do with scraps, was of a person nature, but unfortunately Betsy has nothing better to do outside of her paper route than to post blogs about my friend and I. And not completely honest ones either. No where in that post did me nor my friend say we were attempting to do the work of God. Personally, I feel that Betsy needs to be heavily medicated for her recent psychotic antics, but yes that is my opinion. Upon NOT agreeing with her view of what "to hell with them means" she literally said Bye Bitch your gone too (since she wants to bring everyone in Betsy lets do this right). That is when yes I sent her a vile, nasty message. Not that 2 wrongs make a right, however, she cannot expect to name call people for not agreeing with her then slander them on FB and her blog and not expect some kind of vileness. If she thinks the post she put on her blog is going to hurt me or bother me, personally I could care less. If anyone has "friended" her on FB they will clearly see that she took a post, turned it around, read what she wanted how she wanted and was attempting to (in my opinion) preach her way is the right way. She was clearly the bigot in that post and I have had MULTIPLE people message me (some are even friends with her on FB) and tell me they cannot believe how psychotic she was acting. Then to bring scrap into it when it had nothing to do it clearly looks as if she is whining to try and get those on her side. Not once did I ask her beliefs and much of my post was quotes explaining why there was no difference from what my friend say and what she said. So folks I will apologize to YOU for having to see a private message that was vile from me sent to this person because she decided to involve you. But I will not apologize to her for having sent it, especially since she decided to take it and post it up for the public to see. Now I feel she deserves that message more than ever. I will make sure that I never have any dealings with Betsy Ansel aka Scrapworkx whether it be stores, scrap, etc. I refuse to allow her to bully me by posting a private message not related to scraps on her scrap blog because I was defending a friend. As stated previously, I could care less what her beliefs are. I do care that she was stating in the original post about bigotry when I see her calling the kettle black. The biggest bigot I have met on her in the 5 years I have been doing this ( I can officially say that) would be her and her post on her personal FB wall proves it. Yes this post was on her personal wall not her scrap one so could someone please tell me WHY she felt the need to bring it into scrapland? Could it be to do nothing more than be a bully and try and hurt someone's sales? Is she really that desperate and disgusting? Her post proves it in my opinion.


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