Saturday, February 12, 2011

CU St Patty's Mega Grab Bag

The perfect start to any St. Patty's Kit!
Included in this Grab Bag is:
1 Set of glass styles
1 set of light bevel styles
7 full size papers
1 Beaded Rope
1 Leprechaun Teddy
1 Leprechaun on a Toadstool
1 Shamrock
1 Harp
1 Shoe
1 Beer Mug
1 Horseshoe
2 Frames
2 Bows
1 Hat with clover and coins
1 Pot Of Gold
1 Hat with Bow
1 Vase of Flowers
2 Sets of Sequins
1 Glitter Sheet
1 Clover Flower
2 Color Palettes
1 Set Of Coins
1 Bag
1 Trumpet

You can get this mega grab bag by clicking the add to cart button below. Should you prefer it will be available in the stores listed on the left hand side of my blog tomorrow.



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